Monday is…

Monday is to the week as….
* Arby’s is to restaurants
* Scrappy-Doo is to Scooby-Doo
* Alarm Clocks are to sleep
* Kids are to independence.
* Mountain Dew is to beverage.
* Ramsey is to Theon
* Aquaman is to superheroes.
* Decaf is to coffee
* Tomatoes are to fruit
* 40 is to Birthdays
* The Black Album is to Metallica
* The Hobbit is to The Lord of the Rings (Books. Read people)
* Chafing is to running
* Baldness is to sexy
* Spam is to meat
* Hangovers are to beer
* The Lions are to football
* Jar Jar is to Star Wars
* The anus is to the human body.

Any questions?

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